What are its objectives?

The main objective of BCFE is promoting the city as a relevant financial services centre contributing to economic progress and development

The following activities of the association are designed to create a strong regional market:

  • Contributing to expand the financial business by introducing novelties and expanding the financing capacity of the economy
  • With the permanent improvement in the quantitative and qualitative offer of financial services
  • Strengthening Barcelona's position in the international network of financial centres
  • Developing sustainable finance through BCFE4S

Barcelona Centre Financer Europeu is definitely committed to future reorganisation of businesses around the macroregion formed by Barcelona

These objectives will be pursued with a permanent expansion of the BCFE members to facilitate cooperation and encouraging and making more active the collaboration with similar entities in other European and world cities with bilateral relations and becoming part of the promoting financial centres networks. Through:

  • Analysis of European Directives
  • Establishment of agreements with technological partners
  • Coordination with other locations
  • Promotion among businesses and operators